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OK, you are all in. How do we work together?

My job as a coach is to show you your mind. Our brains are amazing but left unmanaged; they try to protect even from ourselves.

To make permanent changes in your life, you will learn to be aware of your thoughts, shift your mindset and learn to feel all the range of emotions you are capable of.

Sometimes it will be easy, and sometimes it will suck; that is why I'm here, to hold a safe space for you to feel anything, no judgment, no lecture. Just be there for you.

Coaching is not therapy; we focus on your current circumstances and thoughts and look to the future. The past is gone and behind us, but you can always make a different decision today.

Your past does not equal your future; we have seen this repeatedly. When a tragedy happens, we are forced to take different routes and choices, which means it is possible.


But coaching helps us know that we don't need an external force to make us change, feel good about ourselves, take risks to grow, and have a better life.

We'll work together to create a personal transformation through self-consciousness and the balance of emotions.


I show you your thoughts from a different perspective.

You learn to watch and discover how they keep you stuck


Once you can SEE your thoughts, you'll be able to recognize the ones that are repeating.

Then be intentional about what you think; it's like the gym for your brain.



Yes, you actually get to feel ALL the range of emotions available to all humans. Recognize them and embrace them.

From that point, you take actions to propel your life.


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