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Reconnect with yourself when you are living in between cultures.
Thrive in a bicultural marriage while embracing your culture

By Shvets Pproduction.jpg

Marrying outside your culture and raising bi-cultural, bilingual children when your partner doesn’t speaks your language can be very rewarding and exciting as it expands your horizons. but it can also feel:

  • Lonely

  • Frustrating

  • Resentful

  • Challenging

  • Assimilated just to be accepted

  • Like you are losing yourself

  • Pressure between choosing your friends and choosing your partner

And even though you might have ​what is looks like a great life, you feel something is missing. 

You don't fully belong, never white enough or dark enough to fit perfectly in any of your circles.

Your kids might not speak your language. And you family keeps reminding you of it.

Postpartum depression and anxiety settles in and you don't have a support system that fully understand you

But  it doesn’t have to be. Your culture is one of the best parts of you, it makes you unique.

It gives you a super power when you integrate it in your life.


Culture is alive and it is being created and modified every day, you and your partner can create your own family culture and not just survive, but thrive being fully you. 


I know because I was there. I was lonely, never white enough or brown enough because my husband is white.
But you can take the best of both worlds and create a life that is not perfect, but it is perfect for you!

From the first session, I became more focused on what I wanted to provide for my clients and how to offer my services. Since that first meeting, I have moved to a new location, offered more services to my clients, nearly doubled my income, and - most importantly - I have peace of mind knowing that I am making choices based on facts and not based on fear. 


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